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We provide a wide range of tools to manage voice and text for business and personal use in Tucson AZ. Call 520-365-0919.

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Gacela Group offers dictation services for both the individual and professional. Whether you need an electronic medical record service or dictation for your college thesis, our services are available through the internet or telephone. With our voice processing and Word Flow you will raise productivity. You will have access to all of our services and data from the convenience of the office, home, or even while traveling.

Our high-quality equipment is capable of recording conference calls, interviews, legal notes, referral letters, and sales quotes, transferring them into professional documents. Our data center can record hundreds of dictations simultaneously and transcribe them into finished reports. Contact us today for more information.


Our experienced professionals also provide a wide range of transcription services at competitive rates with a fast turnaround. A transcriptionist can use any transcription package available because the dictation system is web-based. A typist can selectively search, change, and route work based on their authorization. Audio and documents can be delivered anywhere in the world via the internet regardless of the connection speed. All audio and document transfers are encrypted, providing document security without compromise. Our transcription packages can also be integrated with Microsoft® Word and other word processors and use centralized templates to improve productivity. Contact us today for more information!

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